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Bogd Khan Mountain

Bogd Mountain is on an hour drive out of UB.

Bogd Khan Mountain is a famous tourist destination nearest to Ulaanbaatur (UB) city. It is situated to South of the city on an hour of drive from UB. One of the oldest parks, Bogd Khan National Park, is also situated there. We visited the snow-covered and tree-filled mountain a couple of weeks ago. The weather is too cold nowadays. Last week it reached -40C, while general during the day it remains between -30 C and -38 C.

We drove out of UB in the morning at 10am and reached there after an hour of drive. The mountain is famous for foreign tourists because of its the nearest site out of UB. Its name relates to Bogd Khan, (1869-1924) the last Khan (Emperor) of Mongolia before the communist era. There is a big restaurant, and many gers, for tourists who stay at night. After reaching there, we climbed from one side of the mountain to a big rock. It was breezing cold, with heavy snow all around. The restaurant and gers are in the valley between the mountain. One side of the mountain is heavily filled with trees, while the other side is rocky. After coming down from the rocks, we went up to the other side. The trees, and heavy snow was giving a beautiful scene. In summer, many people visit this site and stay at night. Its the nearest place outside UB, best for horse-riding and trekking.

Here are some photos from Bogd Mountain.


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